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December 26, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

The new year is getting closer and so is the beginning of Project 365! Admittedly, I haven't been preparing as much as I would have liked - but there's no better time to start than right now, right?! I've thought about how I prepared the first time and what I'd add, or change. Here are 5 simple things you can do - or even just think about - to prepare for a Project 365:

1. What are you going to shoot with?

  • What camera do you have on hand to take photos with? Is it a nice little point-and-shoot? A DSLR? Your phone? Is it easy to take with you? Are you committed to bringing it with you? Consider making a space in your bag just for your gear. Plan to shoot at home. Whatever works for you. Don't let this project be a stressful undertaking - it's supposed to be fun, so find a way to make it so. 


2. Posting your photos

  • I'll be using Instagram to share my photos. My goal is to share at least one per week. I've created the hashtag #365memories so that if you're sharing we can stay connected. Don't feel like sharing? No problem. You're welcome to follow along without posting anything at all. Totally. up. to you.

3. Printing your photos

  • What are you going to do with all of these photos? Print them? Make an online album? Make a collage? You could print them all one month at a time, every couple months, at the end of the year... again, up. to. you. My last project 365 is in a large collage. This time around? Truthfully I'm still thinking about it. Can you think of any other fun things to do with your photos?

4. What is your goal?

  • Why are you doing this project? What do you want to get out of it? Don't loose sight of your reasons - they'll keep you going on the days you struggle to find motivation. Write it down if you need to. There will be days you don't want to continue. Having a goal in mind will help. And, if you're stubborn like me, simply finishing a project you set out to complete is motivation enough.

5. How can I stick with it?

  • Other than remembering WHY you started in the first place, there a few other helpful tricks or habits that will help you complete your project. First of all, do your best to have fun. Involve your kids or family. If they know what you're doing, they can help. Use them as your inspiration or your subjects. Let your kids tell you what to photograph. Always remember why you're doing this. Lastly, if you need that extra reminder don't think twice about setting the alarm on your phone (that option is a lifesaver, right!?). 


I know there are many of you who take photos on a daily basis right now - why not up your game a little bit in 2017? If it means enough to you, you'll make the time for it. And believe me, you'll be very glad you did. 


Next post: January 2017 Daily Prompts - - - coming December 28th!




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